Anti-Intrusion & Loss Prevention Window Film


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Keep out unwanted people from gaining access to your building! Protect your patrons and employees. Keep your assets secure. The choice is clear — Safety and Security Window Film from Guardian Bastille

Anti-Intrusion & Loss Prevention Window Film

Protect our next generation with Anti-Intrusion Window Film

It is of the utmost importance that we keep our children safe wherever they go. In a time when danger presents itself in many forms, it puts a parent at ease to know their child is less vulnerable when they attend school. Anti-Intrusion Window Film by Guardian Bastille adds a protective coating to existing school windows and glass doors to create an effective, powerful barrier that can withstand the toughest of intrusion attempts.

Our industry-leading glass protection films have been installed in private and public schools, pre-schools, and many recognizable colleges and universities. Hardening your building envelope and glazing with our optically clear, Anti-Intrusion Window Film can alleviate potential harm to a facility and the people inside. Reduce the risk of shattered or fragmented glass from break-ins and unforeseen accident damage with Safety and Security Window Film from Guardian Bastille.

How does Safety Window Film help?

  • Increase impact resistance of glass
  • Delay intrusion attempts
  • Minimize glass-related injuries from flying glass
  • Reduce property damage
  • Blast Mitigation and Fragment Retention
  • Maximize the view through your windows

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