Decorative Window Film


Need help enhancing your space but not sure where to start?

Commercial and retail windows are a blank canvas — enhance your design, display company graphics, or increase privacy with Decorative Window Film from Guardian Bastille.

Our premium line of decorative and frosted glazing surface films are the perfect architectural complement for retail stores, schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings.

Guardian Bastille
Decorative Film Solutions

Custom Printed Window Film

Turn ordinary commercial and retail glass windows and walls into something spectacular with Custom Printed Window Film from Guardian Bastille.

Frosted Window Film

Enhance your interior design and add subtle elegance to office glass windows, conference room glass walls and doors with Frosted Window Film from Guardian Bastille.

Privacy Window Film

Secure your office glass walls, conference rooms, and sensitive patient areas with Privacy Window Film from Guardian Bastille.

Solyx Window Film

Select from the largest stock of decorative films for your office, hospital, or university.

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3M Fasara Window Film

Give your commercial space, retail store, or office a much needed boost with 3M™ Fasara™ Decorative Glass Finishes.

Window, Wall & Floor Graphics Window Film

Rethink traditional corporate branding and prominently display eye-catching printed graphics and murals with Custom Window and Wall Graphics from Guardian Bastille.

Benefits of Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film can inject immediate life into blank conference room windows, retail storefronts, and all glass surfaces. Enhance your brand, promote your services, show the world who you are — the design possibilities are endless!

  • Enhance Interior Design
  • Create an Inviting Office Environment
  • Boost Productivity
  • Display Eye-Catching Graphics
  • Create more Private Work Areas
  • Introduce your Brand
  • Update without a Complete Renovation

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Decorative Window Film Brands

Guardian Bastille offers hundreds of decorative window film options. Our team of decorative window film specialists will capture your vision and deliver spectacular results with custom printed window film or subtle computer-cut graphics. You have the ability to choose from a vast portfolio of standard decorative glass films or to create a masterpiece of your own that captivates employees, patrons, or the public.