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You don’t have to sacrifice your views to preserve your interior design elements and improve the comfort of your home and with high-quality Residential Window Film from Guardian Bastille. We offer the finest glazing retrofit films for homes, beachfront properties, and high-rise condominiums.

The Very Best Window Film Solutions for Your Home!

Fade Protection & U.V. Blocking Window Film

Protect your interior from damaging UV Rays, which can can damage flooring, artwork, and more and can pose a health risk to your family. Our Residential Film Solutions can help eliminate over 99% of unwanted UV light.

Sun Control Heat & Glare Reduction Window Film

Reduce hot spots and lower cooling costs in your home without changing the look or feel of your windows. Our wide selection of glass coating and tinting solutions successfully regulate the amount of solar heat gain and sunlight to improve the daily comfort of your home.

Safety & Security Window Film

Improve the safety and security of your windows and doors by adding a protective barrier designed to deter burglars and intrusion attempts and mitigate the damaging effects of high winds and natural disasters.

Decorative Window Film

Enhance your design, display graphics, or increase privacy with Decorative Window Film from Guardian Bastille.

Daytime Privacy Window Film

Add daytime privacy window film to your home to protect the inside from onlookers and still enjoy the view outside. Allow natural light to fill the room without having to close the curtains or blinds to stop others from seeing inside during the day.

Lifetime Warranty Window Film

The typical life of a solar window film is around 15 years. Most of the products that we recommend are backed by multi-billion-dollar organizations. Therefore, should you have an issue with your window film, 99% of the time it will be removed and replaced with no cost to you.

Benefits of Residential Window Film

Window tinting for your home or condo can improve the performance of existing windows and doors — protect your furnishings, eliminate UV radiation, and make your home more comfortable.

  • Reduce Solar Heat Gain
  • Increase UV Protection
  • Protect against Interior Fading
  • Enhance Safety & Security
  • Improve Energy Efficiency
  • Lower Harsh Glare

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Residential Window Film Brands

Guardian Bastille offers a wide array of premium residential window film solutions. We believe clients should have the option to select from a range of products to find best solution to meet the needs of their home or condo. Our application-based approach is guided by the ability to choose from a portfolio of products offered by the leading window film manufacturers in the world.