Museum Window Film


Need help blocking harmful light and making your assets show their true colors? We have the experience.

Museum Curators & Asset Mangers Protect invaluable objects and collections from damaging Ultraviolet (UV) light, extreme heat, and harmful visible light with Museum-Grade Conservation Window Film.

Window Film for Art Museums, Galleries, and Universities

Direct sunlight, UV rays, heat gain, and humidity are detrimental to the preservation of artwork, artifacts, and other historical objects over time. With the proper Art Conservation Window Film, warping, cracking, and fading can be slowed dramatically.

With a team of museum and conservation experts, Guardian Bastille has successfully protected some of the nation’s most precious collections. Our industry-leading team of conservation specialists has applied Museum Conservation Window Film at the Historic Mansions of Newport, Rhode Island, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and countless other notable institutions.

Preserve the Experience with Window Film

Finding the perfect balance between conservation and expression is an enduring challenge for institutions tasked with displaying works for public consumption. Art Conservation Window Film is a valuable tool in any professional conservation program. Museum-Grade window treatments uphold the aesthetic integrity of historical and modern structures with high-performance, non-reflective properties, maintain the pleasurable atmosphere and high color rendition desired by curatorial staffs, and create a safe environment to exhibit the vast collections found in our country’s most notable institutions.

Features of Museum Conservation Window Film

  • Maintain an enjoyable experience and environment for patrons
  • Enable more artwork and collections to be displayed in areas with treated windows
  • Filter the desired level of natural light to balance conservation and curatorial needs
  • Available in non-reflective finishes to maintain desirable interior and exterior aesthetic of treated windows
  • Uphold High Color Rendition in affected space
  • Low UV Transmission from 380-40 nm

Preserve the Experience with Window Film

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