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Losing Merchandise to the sun? We can help and still maintain visibility in and out of your store. Find out how we can keep your merch looking sharp!

Reduce harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays. Protect furniture, window displays, merchandise, and people inside your business with UV Filtering Window Film.

UV Protection for Retail Stores and Businesses

If your business or storefront interior is exposed to sunlight throughout the day, it is inevitable the furnishings and merchandise will fade over time. Additionally, the damaging Ultraviolet (UV) rays, which are the largest component of fading, pose serious health hazards linked to skin cancer.

Most glass that is installed in high-end retail stores and businesses comes with low levels of Ultraviolet (UV) Light Protection. If you plan to significantly slow the fading process and reduce damage from the sun in your New York City or Philadelphia Area business, school, or retail store, add increased UV protection to your glass with our premium UV Fade Protection Window Film.

UV Filtering Window Film drastically reduces the fading and color shift of fabrics, upholsteries, woods, and textiles that are exposed to UV and direct sunlight. Protect your merchandise, minimize sun damage to your assets, and maintain the perfect view by choosing the right Retail Fade Protection Window Film.

Interior View During Installation

Completed Exterior View

What Causes Fading and Discoloration?

Benefits of UV Filtering Window Film

  • Maintain the original color and value of assets, including furnishings and merchandise
  • Protect the health of employees by reducing UV exposure known to cause cancer
  • Prevent premature fading and eventual disposal of store merchandise
  • Keep the perfect view into your high-end boutique or retail store
  • Low UV Transmission from 380-40 nm

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