Window Film for High-Rise

High-Rise Condo Window Film

Preserve the magnificent views from your New York Apartment or Rittenhouse Square Condo with High-Rise Condo Window Film from Guardian Bastille
How Important is Your View?
Central Park, Empire State Building Philadelphia City Hall, Rittenhouse Square
The transmission of sunlight through floor-to-ceiling windows contributes significantly to your condo’s rising energy costs and uncomfortably warm interior temperatures. Window tinting solutions from Guardian Bastille are used in high-rise residences to protect valuables from fading, including furniture, flooring, artwork, and imported rugs. Additionally, our High-Rise Window Film solutions consistently reduce harsh glare and unwelcome hot spots caused by the sun — without sacrificing stunning views of Central Park, Rittenhouse Square, or the Hudson River. Protect your windows and save your prized possessions from the sun.
HOA, Condo, and Co-Op Board approved Residential Window Film

How can High-Rise Condo Window Film help?
Reduce overheating and balance interior temperatures
Prevent sun damage, fading, and discoloration of furniture, walls, and flooring
Minimize sun glare throughout the day
Maintain your clear views through your windows

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Window Film Line Card

Guardian Bastille offers a wide variety of advanced residential window film solutions. We believe clients should have the opportunity to select a product from our range that best suits their needs. Our application-based approach is guided by the ability to choose from a portfolio of products offered by the leading window film manufacturers in the world.

Specialized window tinting solutions from Guardian Bastille come in broad range of tones and performance levels. From clear glazing surface films to non-reflective nano-ceramic window films to traditional reflective window tint, we have any solution to meet the demands of your luxury condo, beachfront property, metropolitan townhouse, or suburban estate.

Guardian Bastille offers high-rise residential window tinting solutions for luxury condos and apartment buildings in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. Contact Guardian Bastille today at (844) 703-8468 for a Free Estimate on Window Film with a View.

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