Window, Wall & Floor Graphics


Get your brand noticed – find out how!

Rethink traditional corporate branding and prominently display eye-catching printed graphics and murals with Custom Window and Wall Graphics from Guardian Bastille.

Custom Graphics for your Building or Retail Store

Don’t limit yourself – use the walls and windows of your business for brand messaging and custom visual displays. Clear glass windows and white walls are the perfect blank canvas for applying custom graphics and printed murals to promote your brand, sell products, and convey your services. Our wide variety of polyester and vinyl adhesive glass and surface films will provide a lasting impression for years to come.

Cost-effective artwork for Blank Walls and Windows

Guardian Bastille offers expert design and installation services in custom graphic applications to enhance your Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York retail and commercial spaces. Give us the design or let us create the artwork, and we will bring it to life, from custom-cut vinyl logos and lettering, to vinyl wall murals, acrylic lettering, wall signage, and more. Our highly trained design and installation specialists guarantee an expert application and quick turnaround to ensure the finished product is delivered on time and under budget.

Why Custom Printed UV Window Film is the right choice?

  • Create unique messaging to promote your brand
  • Maximize the use of storefront and interior glazing
  • Craft simple, ornate, or flashy displays that make an impact
  • Turn ordinary wall space in works of art

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Get a free energy analysis on retrofitting your building with window film!

Get a free energy analysis on retrofitting your building with window film. The rule of thumb for every 100 sq.ft. of insulated glass that you apply window film you can reduce your AC tonnage capacity needs by 1 ton.

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