Edge Window Film Technologies

Edge Film Technologies has quickly become one of the leading suppliers of architectural and safety window film in the United States. By combining industry-leading warranties and exceptional value, Program Edge has made advanced architectural window film products accessible to clients from all aspects of the marketplace.

Improve Personal Safety with Guardian Safety & Security Window Film
Commercial Safety and Security Window Film has become a key tool in corporate safety programs. Mitigating risk, preventing loss, protecting people – each can be achieved with Guardian Safety & Security Window Film and Clear Defense Anti-Graffiti Film.

Experience the Benefits of Glass Protection Films
Safety Window Film
Clear and solar control options
Protect against flying glass
Harden building envelope
Delay intrusion attempts

Anti-Graffiti Window Film
Protect against etching, markers, paint, and markers
Keep public spaces presentable and appealing
Fraction of the cost of glass replacement
Applies to glass, mirrors, and stainless steel surfaces

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Need-Based Window Film Products
Edge Film Technologies does not have the largest portfolio of window film products in the industry. Instead, Program Edge engineers, develops, and supplies Guardian Bastille with a limited number of window film products that are highly relevant to the day-to-day needs of commercial, institutional, and residential clients. Guardian Bastille offers the full line of Edge Technologies sun control, safety, anti-graffiti, and decorative window films.

Cost-Effective Tinting Options
Edge Film Technologies offers the most cost-effective commercial and residential line of window film products in the United States. With a small, targeted product line and low overhead, Program Edge enables Guardian Bastille the ability to provide low-cost window tinting options to commercial, residential, retail, and institutional clients.

Quick-Ship Access
Program Edge is committed to a decentralized distribution structure that puts Guardian Bastille in position to receive orders quickly. With 10 North American distribution centers, Guardian Bastille can offer next-day window film service to our national clients.

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Edge Window Film for Every Application

Edge Low-E 70 Window Film
The newest, most-advanced window film technology works year round — keeping heat out in the summer and locking heat in during the winter. Edge Low-E Window Film from Guardian Bastille gives single-pane windows dual-pane performance and dual-pane windows triple-pane performance. Edge Low-E 70 is a clear, retrofit window film technology that applies to any commercial, residential, or retail windows for improved energy efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and a more eco-friendly building or home.
Available in Low-E 70

Edge Guardian Safety & Security Window Film
Clear Safety and Security Films
National Account Assistance Program
Attachment Systems Available
Safety and Security Training Available
Protection against debris in natural and man-made disasters
Secure the safety of people and protection of property

Edge Clear Defense Anti-Graffiti Window Film
Storefronts, Transportation Stations, Menu Boards, Buses, and Trains
Protect Against Etching, Acid, Paints, and Markers
Improve Appearance of Public Spaces
Removable Sacrificial Film Layer
Approximately 5%-10% of the Cost of Glass Replacement
Apply to Many Smooth Surfaces such as Glass, Mirrors, and Stainless

Guardian Bastille is proud to be an authorized dealer and certified installer of Edge Window Film because it allows us to provide the highest quality window tinting solutions to residential, retail, and commercial clients throughout New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey.