Low-E Window Film

Keep the heat out during the summer and retain heat during the winter with All-Season, Low- E Window Film.

Window Film for All Seasons. Enjoy Year-Round Savings.
New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware

Low-emissivity (Low-E) window film is a sustainable, energy efficient solution that can significantly reduce yearly energy costs in your school, high-rise office building, commercial property, or retail store. Low-E window film adds up to 30-40% more insulating power to your windows.

Retrofit your windows with premium Low-E Glazing Films
Improve energy efficiency and comfort throughout the year
All-Season Window Film boasts innovative technology that improves the solar and thermal performance of your windows by minimizing infrared heat transfer through the glass surface. With a virtually clear, retrofit coating, Low-E Window Film is the perfect complement to commercial day-lighting programs and will radically improve the energy efficiency of your building.

What will Low-E Window Film do for your Building?
Reduce solar heat gain by greater than 50%
Keep the man-made heat in during the cooler months
Maintain high levels of ambient light to reduce need for interior electric lighting
Lower the need for constant artificial cooling and heating
Protect your interior from damaging ultraviolet (UV) light

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Low-E Window Film Line Card

Guardian Bastille offers a wide variety of advanced commercial window film solutions. We believe clients should have the opportunity to select a product from our range that best suits their needs. Our application-based approach is guided by the ability to choose from a portfolio of products offered by the leading window film manufacturers in the world.

Specialized window tinting solutions from Guardian Bastille come in a broad range of tones and performance levels. From clear glazing surface films to non-reflective nano-ceramic window films to traditional reflective window tint, we have any solution to meet the demands of your commercial office space or high-end retail boutique.

Go Green, Lower Energy Demand, Enjoy Year-Round Savings Today. Schedule your FREE Energy Audit and take the steps to a more energy efficient tomorrow. Low-E Window Film is a great solution to help any Manhattan Building, Philadelphia Office Tower, New York Retail location, or New Jersey business meet energy benchmarking goals.

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