Madico Safetyshield Security Window

Guardian Bastille, a premier Madico SafetyShield partner, has undergone hours of rigorous sales and installation training to deliver best-in-class blast mitigation systems and security window films to commercial and residential clients throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

Glass Protection Films for Commercial Office Buildings, Schools, and High-End Retailers
Madico SafetyShield Window Film cannot prevent crime or natural disasters from taking place – these applied safety window films can have a positive effect on the outcomes. Madico SafetyShield® protective glass film provides a 24/7 barrier on commercial and residential windows which reduces the risk of glass breakage. Retrofitting windows with Madico SafetyShield Window Film and proprietary Anchoring Restraint Systems can enhance security for commercial office buildings, retail stores, and even homes.

The Guardian Bastille Advantage

Best-in-Class Solutions
Industry-leading safety window film products (including 3 proprietary attachment systems)

Certified Professional
Completion of Madico SafetyShield Security Window Film Training Program

Continuing Education for safety film sales and installation techniques

Testing Standards
Most advanced safety glazing testing reports and data in the industry

Benefits of Madico Safety and Security Window Film
24-Hour passive glass protection
Holds broken glass together to minimize injury
Helps delay “smash and grab” entry
Protect your home and office building from effects of violent storms
Reduce property damage from wind, water, and debris
Blocks > 99% of UV rays

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Armorcoat Safety Film for Every Application

Clear Safety Window Film
Optically clear, colorless and undetectable on glass, Madico Safetyshield Security Window Films maintain the natural appearance of your windows day or night. The resilient layers of high-tensile polyester and aggressive adhesives provide exceptional impact resistant capabilities.

Solar Safety Window Film
Madico Safetyshield Solar Control Security Films are a robust pairing of our Solar Control and “Clear Safety” films. These films provide a resilient layers of high-tensile polyester and aggressive adhesives for impact resistant security.

Guardian Bastille is proud to be an authorized dealer and certified installer of SafetyShield Safety & Security Window Film because it allows us to provide the highest quality window tinting solutions to residential, retail, and commercial clients throughout New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey.