Panorama Window Film

Solar Gard Panorama Window Film is manufactured by Saint-Gobain — one of the leading construction products companies in the world. With U.S. Corporate Headquarters in San Diego, California, Saint-Gobain Solar Gard is one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance, quality solar control and safety window films in the world.

The Panorama Window Film Difference
Imagine walking into your office or a room in your home and feeling at ease that your windows are protected with Solar Gard Panorama Window Films from Guardian Bastille. Eliminate the constant need to close your blinds or curtains to block the sun’s heat and glare, control the energy usage in your commercial building more effectively, keep the natural light and perfect views in your high-rise office, protect your furnishings and family from harmful exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) light – all with energy efficient window tinting solutions from Solar Gard.

Energy Efficient Glazing Films – Panorama Window Film for Commercial Buildings and Homes
According to, energy use is the single largest operating expense in commercial office buildings, representing approximately one-third of typical operating budgets and accounting for almost 20 percent of the nation’s annual greenhouse gas emissions.

Panorama Window Film is a cost-effective energy conservation measure (ECM) and can effectively reduce energy costs, create more comfortable office environments, and drastically lower building HVAC demands in commercial properties. Upgrading your building windows with Solar Gard Panorama commercial window tint is a low-cost alternative to replacement windows. Energy efficient window film from Guardian Bastille can decrease solar heat gain by up to 80% — generating a typical return on investment of greater than 30 percent.

The reasons why Solar Gard Panorama Window Film is the right choice for you:

Panorama Window Tint offers commercial, residential, and retail customers a wide range of aesthetic tones, light densities, and solar performance levels to keep your office interior cool, home comfortable, and furnishings well-protected

High-grade, optically clear polyester Panorama Window Films allow residential and commercial customers to enjoy an abundance of natural light and maintain magnificent views through retrofitted floor-to-ceiling condo windows or high-rise office windows

Panorama Window Film Premier Plus Warranty is the best in the window film industry. Residential customers that install Panorama Window Film from Guardian Bastille receive a Lifetime, transferrable warranty – starting from the date your new Panorama Window Tint is applied to the glass. Building owners, property managers, and retail store operators enjoy the peace of mind of a 16-Year Commercial Warranty.

Panorama Window Film requires the most advanced product and installation training in the industry. Continuing education courses are mandatory for Guardian Bastille staff – to ensure we are well-informed of the latest product improvements and technology enhancements offered by Panorama Window Film from Saint-Gobain Solar Gard.

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Panorama Window Film for Every Application

Solar Gard Ecolux 70 Low-E Window Film
The newest, most-advanced window film product from Solar Gard provides year-round comfort improvement — keeping the sun’s heat out in the summer and locking heat in during the winter. Ecolux 70 Low-E Window Film from Guardian Bastille gives single-pane windows dual-pane performance and dual-pane windows triple-pane performance.
Ecolux 70 Low-E Window Film is a light, spectrally selective window film product that applies to any commercial, residential, or retail windows for improved energy efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions, and a more eco-friendly building or home.
Available in Ecolux 70

Panorama Hilite Series Window Film
Panorama Hilite Window Film is the leading product line from Solar Gard. Industry-leading Panorama Hilite Films are spectrally selective retrofit window tinting solutions – designed to reduce the heat from the sun while maintaining bright, vibrant interiors. Hilite Window Film from Solar Gard is also an effective measure to protect interior furnishings and artwork from ultraviolet (UV) fade damage. Hilite Window Films use precious metals, such as silver and gold, to maintain the flow of natural light, while rejecting the highest possible amount of solar heat – all without changing the view through commercial and residential windows.
Available in Hilite 70, Hilite 55, Hilite 40, Hilite 25, and Hilite 15

Panorama CX Series Ceramic Window Film
Panorama CX Ceramic Window Film utilizes advanced, sputtered ceramic technology to maintain uncompromised views and a natural look on newly upgraded commercial and residential windows. The Ceramic Window Film Series from Guardian Bastille combines impressive heat protection properties with low visible light reflectivity — allowing residential, commercial, and retail property owners to improve the performance of their windows without changing the look of their home, high-rise office building, or retail store – all while reducing UV rays by greater than 99 percent.
Available in Panorama CX 35, CX 50, and CX 60

Panorama Sterling Series Window Film
Panorama Sterling Window Films are best-in-class energy efficient, green solutions. Panorama Sterling Series glazing films are proven to create more comfortable office environments, reduced HVAC consumption, and lower emission of greenhouse gases. Panorama Sterling Architectural Window Tint by Guardian Bastille provides commercial and institutional clients with a wide range of high clarity window film solutions for maximum solar heat rejection, fade protection, and glare reduction.
Available in Panorama Sterling 70, Sterling 60, Sterling 50, Sterling 40, and Sterling 20

Panorama Slate Series Window Film
Panorama Slate Window Films provide a combination of high heat rejection, non-reflective neutral tones, and sustainable product design — making the installation of Panorama Slate Window Film cost-effective, energy efficient, and perfect for any home or business.
Panorama Slate Series Window Film from Guardian Bastille delivers improved interior comfort, lower annual energy demand – reducing energy costs, preventing uncomfortable hot spots, and eliminating harmful ultraviolet light rays.
Available in Slate 40, Slate 30, Slate 20, and Slate 10

Guardian Bastille is proud to be an authorized dealer and certified installer of Panorama Window Film because it allows us to provide the highest quality window tinting solutions to residential, retail, and commercial clients throughout New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey.