Daytime Privacy Window Film


Keep the heat out and reduce harsh glares!

Add daytime privacy window film to your home to protect the inside from onlookers and still enjoy the view outside. Allow natural light to fill the room without having to close the curtains or blinds to stop others from seeing inside during the day.

Daytime Privacy Window Film

One of our most requested types of window film is for a “one way mirror” for privacy. While conceptually being able to see out of your house and not allowing others to see inside your home is appealing. There is no true window film that can guarantee this solution.

We do have the ability to create a “one way mirror effect” using individual or multiple layers of window film. However, we cannot guarantee that the result will be 100% effective. There are many variables that will determine how well this solution will perform. At certain times of the day, the film may work as desired while at other times it may appear like clear glass due to outside light levels.

Understanding what the limitations are is helpful when you are evaluating this kind of system for your windows. Some of these variables are as follows:

  • Where is the brighter light source? Inside or outside?
  • Do your windows receive direct light?
  • How dark are you willing to have your windows?
  • Proximity of people passing by to your glass.

If privacy is a must, we would be happy to help guide you to the right solution.

Benefits of Daytime Privacy Window Film

  • Considerable cost savings to expensive window treatments
  • Prevents damaging rays from bleaching furniture
  • Keeps your house more comfortable

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