Fade Protection Window Film


We can help block the sun without having to block your view!

Protect your interior from damaging UV Rays, which can can damage flooring, artwork, and more and can pose a health risk to your family. Our Residential Film Solutions can help eliminate over 99% of unwanted UV light.

Safeguard the Objects that Matter Most

SPF 285 for your Windows

It is inevitable that objects exposed to the sun will fade over time. If your high-rise Manhattan condo, Main Line Philadelphia home, or beachfront property experience sunlight during the day, you are putting flooring, artwork, and furniture at risk of sun damage. Harmful Ultraviolet (UV) radiation transmitted through windows is the single largest cause of interior fading. Additionally, excessive solar heat gain and visible light transmission from the sun are known contributors to the break down and degradation of our home’s interiors

Protect your Design. Preserve your View.

Many high-performance windows installed in homes come with minimal Ultraviolet (UV) light protection and some degree of solar heat protection. If you would like to significantly reduce interior fading and continuous damage from the sun without altering your perfect views of Central Park or Rittenhouse Square, add our premium Fade Protection Window Film to your home’s windows.

How does Fade Protection Window Film help?

  • Protect the vibrancy and value of assets — including furnishings, antiques, and artwork
  • Filter solar heat gain for a more comfortable interior environment
  • Reduce visible light or harsh glare for a more livable space
  • Maintain clear, perfect views of the city, ocean, or suburban landscape
  • Reduce exposure cancer-causing UV Light by greater than 99%

Create the perfect room with Window Film

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