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You Need to Attach Safety & Security Film to Your Frames to Get Max Protection

Attachment System Window Film

What is an attachment system that is used in Safety & Security Window Film applications?

An attachment system is used to bond the window frame to an existing window that has had a safety and security film applied to hold the glass in place during some type of event. The two most common uses for an attachment system to be paired with a safety and security window film are as follows:

  • Blast Mitigation
  • Breach Mitigation

Understanding the installation of standard solar or safety and security window films make it clear why your windows can benefit from an attachment system. Most safety and security films are installed almost identically to a standard solar control window tint on the interior of a window.

It is a proper installation technique to leave a small space or light gap on the edge of the glass where the window film terminates to not touch the frame. This small space creates a light gap that is called a “daylight opening.” The name was derived from the fact that on a tinted solar control film you will see the contrast between the tinted solar film and the small space that is left untreated on the window’s edge where you can see the sunlight entering. If the window film were to be installed on the edge of the frame, it would peel after a few short cleanings because it would not have a perfect bond to the glass. There is one exception to install the film on the frame and that is for a Mechanical Attachment System.

There are two classes of attachment systems are:

  • Mechanical
  • Wet Glazed

These two methods of anchoring the safety film to the windows frame both have their place in our industry. Mechanical systems are used about 5% of the time. Typically, these are used on window systems like door units.*

* These are the exception to a standard window film where the film is installed onto the frame with no daylight opening. The excess film will then be fastened to the frame with screws and a metal batten bar. Typically, an aluminum cap is attached to the batten bar to provide a finished look.

Wet Glazed attachment systems are more commonly used because of their finished aesthetics, ease of installation, and how well they perform in testing. Ultimately, the finished product of a wet glazed attachment system will look very close to what you would expect from a new window unit from the factory.

The installation steps for a wet glazed attachment system:

  1. Install Safety and Security film and allow the film to begin to cure
  2. Tape off window and frame with low tac painters’ tape
  3. Apply a structural silicone – like Dow 995
  4. Trowel caulk (if needed)
  5. Remove painter’s tape

The finished product will appear very similar to a brand new window unit.

Three reasons why you should pair your safety & security window film with an attachment system:

  • Helps retain glass in frame in a blast or brake-in
  • Can reduce water damage
  • OEM finished appearance

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