Blast Protection Safety & Security Window Film


Don’t Let Glass be Your Weakest Link – Act Now!

Glass is Your Buildings Weakest Link – Let us Fix That for you!

Safety Window Film for your Commercial Property

In a time when crime, vandalism, accidents, and natural disasters occur too often, your building or school can benefit from a cost-effective, powerful barrier designed to withstand even the harshest of situations. Industry leader, Guardian Bastille, installs innovative, optically-clear Safety and Security Window Film that adds a critical layer of facility protection to reduce potential harm to a building and the people inside.

Glass is Your Weakest Link

Dangers from wind borne debris, bomb blasts, break-ins, and unforeseen accident damage can be costly. Choosing Guardian Bastille to install cost-effective Safety and Security Window Film can greatly reduce the risk of injury or loss from shattered or exploding glass. Protect your most valuable assets with Safety and Security Window Film for schools, office buildings, and retail stores.

Do not go another day without protection – choose Madico SafetyShield or Solar Gard Armorcoat Protective Window Film for your New York, New Jersey, or Philadelphia Office Building! Call today (844) 703-8468 or fill out a form.

How does Safety Window Film help?

  • Increase impact resistance of glass
  • Delay intrusion attempts
  • Minimize glass-related injuries from flying glass
  • Reduce property damage
  • Blast Mitigation and Fragment Retention
  • Maximize the view through your windows

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