Bullet Resistant, Coating & Shields Window Film


Bullet Resistant Films Don’t Exist – But we do have a proven system that works!

False: Thick window film can make glass bullet proof. True: Guardian Bastille has a bullet proof retrofit system.

Bullet Resistant Films, Coatings & Shield Window Film

Forced Entry Glazing Solution

We utilize a patented, retro-fit security shield mounted onto existing glazing creating unmatched forced entry protection. Our defensive shields transform windows and doors into impenetrable openings that are 250 times stronger than glass alone. This is not an applied security film, but rather a heavy gauge architectural grade polycarbonate and extruded framing system designed to ‘keep the bad guys out’!

Engineered using unbreakable UV coated polycarbonates and proprietary anchoring mechanisms, our shields protect schools, storefronts and buildings of all types from unwanted entry. Seamlessly blend the existing glazing by adding a constantly deployed, invisible layer of protection without moving parts or creating an undesirable fortress like visual.

Our shields have been independently tested with many different blunt force objects ranging from batons, hammers and hatchets with amazing results. This is not a window film treatment at all and outperforms applied safety and ballistic film solutions exponentially.

While most security window films can delay entry for 30-45 seconds, Our window shields are designed to stop vandals, smash and grab threats and forced entry attempts dead in their tracks. For retailers and storefronts, we can protect your inventory against criminal trespass. For schools, educational institutions, and government facilities, we can stop and deter intruders, protecting the people inside from harm.

Our system is also almost entirely invisible to the eye once installed, making it a transparent solution for retrofit door and window protection. Not only do we outperform laminated glass and security window film treatments, but it’s also more affordable than unsightly grills and other conventional glass protection measures with less life-time warranty and service costs.

1. Proprietary extrusion attaches to the existing frame and separates clear shield from primary glass

2. ‘Unbreakable’ clear shield is affixed to the extrusion

3. ‘Super Bond’ secures the systems to the existing glazing

4. Customized edge banding and powder coating makes system virtually invisible upon installation

Notes: Each system is custom fabricated based on existing glazing conditions and installed by certified installers. Systems may utilize exotic plastics, polycarbonates and glass-clad shields depending on threat conditions and budgets. All-weather adhesives, high-performance films, mechanical anchors and other materials may be used. This system installs on the exterior or interior of existing windows and doors. Our systems have been independently tested to meet forced entry and UL752 ballistic standards.

Bullet Resistant Ballistic Panels

Referred to as “Body Armor for Windows,” our shield is a revolutionary retro-fit ballistic protective system for existing windows and door glass. This is not window film, but rather a clear polycarbonate security shield that’s mounted over existing window and glass doors, providing a bullet-resistant, impenetrable layer of clear glass protection. It’s the ideal security glazing solution for schools, government buildings, courthouses, police stations, and businesses that are vulnerable to 21st-century ballistic threats.

Next Level Ballistic Protection: Bullet Resistant Window Shields

The bullet-resistant version of our shields is independently tested to provide UL 752 ballistic ratings, preventing breach against 9MM, .44 Magnum, and AR-15 bullets, to name just a few. Our shields can be installed over your existing glass on the interior or exterior of the glazing frame, providing affordable retrofit protection for vision glass from bullet threats.

Bullet-Resistant Glazing vs. Security Window Film

Unlike most security window film treatments, Our bullet-resistant window glazing that’s specially engineered to protect building occupants from ballistic threats. Our shield has been used by thousands of customers throughout the U.S., providing a transparent design that delivers unbeatable performance under attack.

Ready to learn more? See what makes our safety window shields the better alternative to ballistic window film.

Benefits of Bullet Resistant Window Films, Coatings & Shields

  • A lot more protection vs. window film
  • Multiple UL levels of protection for Bullet Resistance
  • Long life attributed to sacrificial anti-abrasion coating

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