Architectural Resurfacing Window Film


Reengineer your surfaces and transform your commercial office space into a modern environment with Architectural Resurfacing Film.

Why replace expensive fixtures and surfaces when you can resurface them in decorative metal, sophisticated marble and luxurious wood designs at a fraction of the costs?

Recreate your Workspace

Wall Panel Systems, Elevators, Nurse Stations

If you are planning to give your commercial space a complete facelift or just want to reinvent select surfaces, Architectural Resurfacing Film will change the look and environment without the hassle and cost of a full renovation or fit-out. Our technologically-advanced surface film solutions give commercial space an updated, modern design aesthetic that is both cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.

Our Architectural Resurfacing Film selection offers a wide variety of products, including hundreds of different colors, patterns, and textures for both interior and exterior architectural surfaces. Renovate the exterior wall panels of your retail store, modernize your elevator cab, or create a contemporary design in a new hospital wing with Architectural Resurfacing Films from Guardian Bastille. Your vision for an updated, innovative work space is only limited by your imagination.

Belbien Architectural Finishes

Belbien Architectural Finishes have been used throughout New York City, New Jersey, and Philadelphia on many office fit-out and new construction projects. Guardian Bastille has installed Belbien Resurfacing Film in hospitals, office buildings, casinos, retail stores, and more.

3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes let you transform your spaces with less downtime, less labor and less waste.

3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes are diverse and affordable resurfacing films that can transform a room, work station, or elevator cab within your budget. 3M DI-NOC Resurfacing Films are widely used by architects, interior designers, construction managers, and commercial property managers.

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Resurfacing Film at a Glances

  • Allow for easy, cost-effective updates to existing work space
  • Eliminate distractive, inconvenient renovations or fit-outs
  • Can be applied to any number of surfaces including walls, columns, tabletops, elevators, doors, and work stations

Who is using Belbien and 3M DI-NOC?

  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Construction Managers
  • General Contractors
  • Business Owners
  • Building Maintenance Firms

Create the perfect room with Window Film

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