Beat the heat with these energy saving tips using window film!

With summer fast approaching, ambient temperatures are quickly on the rise. High temperatures often cause our commercial and residential air conditioning systems to work extremely hard to keep the interior space comfortable. Typically, longer A/C run times or lower cooling set points will result in HIGHER monthly electric bills.

Follow these easy tips to BEAT THE HEAT and manage energy usage and costs:

1. Consider pre-cooling your building or home before sunrise

  • Setting your programmable thermostat or building management system to 72-75 degrees for two hours should help maintain a comfortable interior as the solar gain starts to take over
  • Avoid setting your thermostat or building management system at a colder setting than usual as doing so WILL NOT cool your interior any faster
  • Keep your house or building warmer than usual when you are away or when your office is unoccupied
  • A general rule of thumb to follow is that a 1 degree increase in your cooling set point could decrease your energy costs by up to 5%

2. In you live or work in a climate where temperatures decrease at night, turn off your A/C system and open your windows where possible

3. Use energy efficient lighting, lighting controls, and/or natural daylighting to reduce the unnecessary use of interior lighting.

  • Using less interior lighting or more energy efficient interior lighting will decrease amount of ambient heat emitted from light fixtures

4. Install Solar Control Window Film on the windows in your building or home to reduce the solar heat gain at the source.

  • Window Film comes in a variety of tones and performance levels.


Choose the proper window film to meet your heat reduction and aesthetic needs

  • Window Film for your home or business is available in clear, non-reflective finishes that can eliminate between 55 and 70 percent of excessive solar gain
  • Traditional Reflective Window Tinting solutions can eliminate solar heat gain by up to 82 percent
  • Sun Control Window Film provides multiple other benefits to homeowners, property managers, facility directors, and business owners
  • Reduction of harmful UV Rays
  • Fade protection for interior design components and artwork
  • Filtering of Harsh Glare
  • Improved views
  • Updated exterior finish to the building

Guardian Bastille is a leading national provider of sun control, decorative, and safety window film solutions. Strategically located between New York City and Washington, D.C., we service window film client needs in all major metropolitan areas on the East Coast including: Boston, Hartford, New York City, Newark, NJ, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, DC.