Energy Saving Window Film For DuPont Hotel

The historic Hotel DuPont is located in downtown Wilmington, Delaware and rivals the finest hotels in New York City and Philadelphia. Built in 1913, it is a renowned architectural wonder that epitomizes style and grace and serves as the centerpiece of the thriving Wilmington business district.

Guardian Bastille was contacted by the Chief Engineer and Director of Hotel Operations to identify a commercial window film solution that would slow the perpetual fading of the window treatments and improve the interior comfort of the hotel guest rooms. Because of the historical significance of the Hotel DuPont, the window film had to adhere to strict aesthetic standards of the Delaware Historical Society.

After careful consideration of several suitable premium window film products, the project was brought to fruition by a team of Guardian Bastille installation experts – over 750 windows are protected against the harmful effects of the sun. Hotel guests are more comfortable, the facility is more energy efficient, and the luxury window treatments are protected against damaging Ultraviolet (UV) light and unwanted solar gain.

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