One Liberty Place Observation Deck Window Tinting

Travel 57 stories to view Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from the most amazing vantage point. One Liberty Observation Deck is an experience unlike any other. Check in to experience the most majestic views and sprawling vistas the Tri-State Area has to offer.

Guardian Bastille was chosen to deliver a premium window film solution that would enhance the stunning views of the highest observation deck in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Glare control and heat reduction were the driving forces behind the noteworthy project. This distinctive installation presented many unique challenges – from the subtle sloped glass to the towering 26’ tall atriums – that were successfully navigated by the expert commercial projects team from Guardian Bastille.

After months of meticulous planning, the project was delivered in spectacular fashion. The premium window film solution provided patrons of One Liberty Observation Deck with the opportunity to experience the history of Philadelphia and surrounding counties in a comfortable, enjoyable environment.

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