There are many amazing benefits architectural window offers your home. Applying the proper window film can dramatically improve your home’s interior comfort, protect your furnishings from damaging UV light, and control harsh glare that pours through untreated windows. Residential window tinting solutions are the perfect complement to large, open windows in luxury condo buildings, sprawling suburban estates, and coastal homes.

Will window film change the appearance of your home?

One of the primary concerns expressed by residential buyers is that window film will change the aesthetic of their windows. While dark and reflective window film options are still available, Guardian Bastille is a leading provider of light, clear window film solutions designed to combat the harmful effects of the sun without altering the appearance of your home.

Spectrally-selective window film from Guardian Bastille offers residential clients the luxury of maintaining an abundance of natural light while reducing Ultraviolet transmission by 99% and cutting solar heat gain by up to 70%. Premium spectrally-selective products also WILL NOT change the reflective properties of residential windows and glass surfaces.

Important Note: Spectrally-selective window films for High-Rise Condo Buildings meet the aesthetic standards established in most HOA and Co-Op Bylaws

Premium Spectrally-selective Window Films from Guardian Bastille

Panorama Hilite 55
Panorama Hilite 70
Panorama Hilite 80
Huper Optik Drei – Select Series
Huper Optik Sech – Select Series

How will premium window film affect the clarity and views after it is installed in your home or high-rise condo?

There are countless window film options available to residential buyers. However, not all residential window tinting options are created equal. It is important to select a window film option that meets your solar control needs but also maintains the valuable views in your Penthouse, oceanfront home, or private suburban residence.

In addition to our spectrally-selective offerings, ultra premium Huper Optik Ceramic Window Films are perfect for discerning residential buyers looking to preserve perfect views. Huper Optik Ceramic Window Tinting is dye-free and metal-free. These patented, non-reflective window films utilize the smallest ceramic particles in the industry to produce luxurious, clear, High-Definition (HD) views.

Guardian Bastille is a leading authority on non-reflective solar control window films. Let us help you choose a window film that protects your perfect view.

Does Residential Window Film eliminate fade damage to my furnishings?

There are 3 major contributing factors to interior fading in your home – Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, heat from the sun, and the visible light transmitted through your windows. Residential window tinting will not completely eliminate fading of floors, fabrics, furnishings, but the right window film can dramatically slow the process.

Guardian Bastille poses the following questions when determining the desired level of interior fade protection for your home:

  • How much Ultraviolet Light will window film eliminate?
    Window Film will reduce up to 99% of harmful UV rays
  • How much Solar Heat will the best residential window film reduce?
    Residential Window Tinting will lower solar heat gain by up to 70%
  • Will reducing visible light for increased fade protection in your home or condo make the interior too dark?
    Premium residential window film solutions will NOT change the reflectivity of your glass surfaces – allowing you to choose darker-toned window film for increased fade protection without sacrificing the aesthetic value of the property or making the interior too dark.
  • What is the best residential window film for protecting furnishings, artwork, and floors from fading?
    Huper Optik Drei offers the best combination of 70% solar heat rejection, 99% UV reduction, and approximately 45% visible light reduction – ALL accomplished WITHOUT changing the reflective properties of residential windows
    Huper Optik Drei is the highest performing window film in the world

Meeting the Needs and Exceeding the Expectations of Residential Window Tinting Customers

Residential Window Film clients of Guardian Bastille are often very discriminate, particular buyers. Acquiring a full understanding of the vast capabilities and drawbacks offered by our window tinting solutions is usually the deciding factor between our firm and other vendors in the industry.

Our primary objective is to meet the immediate needs of our clients. Once their needs have been met, we target solutions that will alleviate any concerns they have with residential window tinting. With access to a wide range of window film products, Guardian Bastille always has the perfect solution to keep your home beautiful and cool!

Guardian Bastille is a certified partner of Saint-Gobain Solar Gard Window Film and Huper Optik Window Film in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston.